In addition to 100mg of Hemp Oil Extract, this scrub has some of the most amazing oils, clays, and herbs for your skin; lavender, chamomille, calendula, palmarosa, benenite, jojoba, and walnut just to name a few!  A pea sized amount of this scrub will provide a moisturizing gentle exfoliate that immediately gives your skin that luminous glowing effect.  Before rinsing, you can also leave it on for a few moments for a clay mask effect.  After sloughing off the days toxins and makeup, this exfoliating scrub will pave the way for your skin to soak up Maggie Mae’s Naturals face serum and moisturizer leaving your skin feeling super hydrated and soft.  Net Wt. 3 oz.

Maggie Mae’s Naturals Face Scrub with 100mg Hemp Oil Extract